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The Collector is CRTP’s curated weekly collection of transportation news and information focused on the North Coast, but also includes important and interesting items from state, national and international news. It’s posted on CRTP’s website each Friday and sent to an email list of more than 400 people (and growing!). If you’re not one of them, what are you waiting for?

The Collector brings you the information you need about local transportation issues—and related topics from land use to public health—with short summaries that are pointed, sometimes humorous, and often opinionated. There’s also always a link to sources for more information. Recent stories we’ve covered have ranged from the implications of county rezoning for neighborhood walkability to the effects of a new law on Amtrak bus service to Humboldt. This stuff is important—but if it sounds dry, it’s not! Really, give it a read. We keep it pithy and interesting.

The Collector also has regular features like the current Weekly Street Story Update, which highlights a notable location or trend from local reports of unsafe locations, crashes or near misses on the Street Story platform (see our article in the Aug/Sep edition of EcoNews for more information on Street Story). Past features have included the “Bike Law Fact of the Week,” where we explored little-known but important laws related to bicycling in California, and the “Bike Lane or Sidewalk Obstruction of the Week” feature, which included a picture of an object found in a local bike lane or sidewalk that shouldn’t be there. Who knows what we’ll come up with next?

We’re also happy to receive submissions of suggested items we should cover.

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