Data Suggests Broad Decline Among Regional Birds

American Avocet, the species with the biggest decline in eBird. Credit Ken Burton

“Data suggests that 2/3 of regional bird species are in decline, 1/3 of those are double digit declines”

Friends of the Eel River’s Conservation Director Scott Greacen hosts a discussion with Ken Burton, author of Common Birds of Northwest California and A Birding Guide to Humboldt County, aboutĀ patterns in observational data that may reflect changes in bird populations.

In the course of revising his latest edition of Common Birds of Northwest California , Ken compared data from the global citizen science database eBird over the last couple of decades. His data comparison suggests regional bird populations are in broad decline. Tune in to learn more about how data is collected in eBird and what it suggests about regional bird populations.

Click here to learn more about eBird, the global database managed by Cornell Lab of Ornithology.