Debris ID: Yellow Rope & Black Pipe

Welcome to another installment of Debris ID! This week I’d like to highlight two items we see frequently on Humboldt beaches: yellow rope and black pipe.

Our volunteers frequently find pieces of bright yellow 3-stranded plastic rope, usually cut into 1-2 ft long segments. They often get stuck in beach vegetation, and are especially prevalent at Clam Beach.

Another “frequent flier” trash item is black ABS pipe. These hollow sections of black plastic pipe are usually cut in 6-8 inch segments and can be found at beaches all across Humboldt county.

Both of these items are related to oyster farming operations, though we are less sure about the origins of the black pipe. If you have seen these items during beach clean-ups or walks, let use know in the comments! Anecdotes and photos can help us figure out the scope of this issue and how to stop it!