EcoNews Report Roundup: Latest environmental news stories for October 2018

    13 Environmental stories in 30 minutes – that’s the EcoNews Roundup! For October’s EcoNews Report Roundup Larry Glass, NEC’s Executive Director, and Bella Waters, NEC’s Admin & Development Director, cover the following news stories: Local News 1. Trinidad Rancheria’s Hotel Project’s EA 2. East-West Train and Eureka City Council 3. RCEA’s Offshore Wind project could be up and running by 2024- 4. Mercer Fraser’s Big Lagoon Asphalt Plant 5. Sensi Valley, Inc – Planning Commission approves project located on contaminated mill site in flood plain. 6. City of Arcata Public Hearing on Universal Garbage/Recycling rate increase . Note, the Public Hearing is scheduled for December 5 at 6:00pm, not Nov as stated in this article. 7. Six Rivers Aquatic Restoration draft EA available – comments accepted 8. NEC Movie Night TONIGHT (October 24, 2018)! Pesticide News 9. California city Irvine quit using synthetic pesticides in 2016, Farm bill could block such local restrictions. 10. City of Eureka