EcoNews Report Roundup November 2018

EcoNews Report Roundup image

16 Environmental stories in 30 minutes – that’s the EcoNews Roundup!

For November’s EcoNews Report Roundup Larry Glass, NEC’s Executive Director, and Bella Waters, NEC’s Admin & Development Director, cover the following news stories:

1. Elections – East/West Train and Harbor Development candidates were defeated
2. Mercer Fraser hash lab projects – Willow Creek and Mad River
3. Sensi Valley – Friends of the Eel River and Humboldt Baykeeper filed an appeal of the Humboldt County Planning Commission’s decision to approve the Sensi Valley project in the floodplain of the Van Duzen River

4. Protecting public lands was a winning platform in elections out West
5. What Trump gets wrong about wildfires, by a fire scientist

6. Can Eating Organic Food Lower Your Cancer Risk?
7. We know how to save wildlife from oblivion. Let’s do it.
8. Wind Turbines Can Act Like Apex Predators

9. Microplastics found in 90 percent of table salt
10. Solving Microplastic Pollution Means Reducing, Recycling—and Fundamental Rethinking

Climate Change:
11. Tom Steyer and the link between hate groups and climate denial
12. Crab Fishers Sue Fossil Fuel Industry over Climate Change Damage
13. Supreme Court refuses to block young people’s climate lawsuit against U.S. governments
14. Global Warming Is Messing with the Jet Stream. That Means More Extreme Weather.
15. The UN’s Devastating Climate Change Report Was Too Optimistic
16. Natural Climate Solutions Could Cancel Out a Fifth of U.S. Emissions

If you have suggestions for stories to be reported on the next issue of the EcoNews Roundup, please email the NEC office.