EcoNews Roundup Report: Latest environmental news stories for February 2019

EcoNews Report Roundup image

For February’s EcoNews Roundup Report Larry Glass, NEC’s Executive Director, and Bella Waters, NEC’s Administrative & Development Director, cover the following news stories:


1. Nordic Aquafarm, Big Fish Farm on Samoa Peninsula – lots of questions remain unanswered

2.  Emergency Dredging Needed for Humboldt Bay??

3. Arcata Village Project Returns

4. Now All the Eucalyptus Might Go!

5. City of Eureka Launches Non-CRV Glass Recycling Program

6. Big Changes Considered for 101 Through Eureka, including a road through the Balloon Tract

7. California could be held liable for whale entanglements

8. Trinity roadside spray threat,

9. Dead pines drive new herbicide rules in Oregon

10.50 years ago, DDT pushed peregrine falcons to the edge of extinction

Climate News

11. Warning Scale Unveiled for Dangerous Rivers in the Sky

12.Where Climate Change Fits into Venezuela’s Ongoing Crisis

13.What the 17th century’s “Little Ice Age” teaches us about climate change

If you have suggestions for stories to be reported on the next issue of the EcoNews Roundup, please email the NEC office.