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News from the Center: April 2022

Larry Glass, NEC Board President & Caroline Griffith, NEC Executive Director War and Climate Destruction Human-caused climate change and Putin’s war on Ukraine have the same...

2022 Godwit Days Festival: April 15-17

Godwit Days Press Release The Godwit Days Spring Migration Bird Festival is making a partial return this year, with both in-person field trips and virtual...

The Complications of Cannabis: Supervisors Approve Measure S Tax Cut

Elena Bilheimer, EcoNews Journalist On February 7, 2022, Humboldt County Board of Supervisors approved an 85 percent cut of cannabis growers’ 2022 Measure S tax...

Dear EcoNews: Dog Poop

Dear EcoNews,  I am the proud owner of an amazing dog my partner and I rescued from the shelter many years ago. One of...

Smokey Bear: A Savior or An Agent?

Fire and its Role in Indigenous Environmental Knowledge Since the beginning of time, forests have had a vital role in the progress of humankind by...

What is the Role of Rest in the Revolution?

Elena Bilheimer, EcoNews Journalist Amidst the various crises playing out on the global stage, the desire to create and implement change has never felt so...

New EaRTH Center Approved for Old Town Eureka

Sabriyya Ghanizada, EcoNews Intern The City of Eureka has voted to approve the Eureka Regional Transit and Housing Center (EaRTH Center), an intermodal living space...

Se aprueba un nuevo Centro EaRTH para Old Town Eureka

Sabriyya Ghanizada, EcoNews Intern La ciudad de Eureka votó para aprobar el centro regional de tránsito y vivienda en Eureka (EaRTH centro, un espacio habitable...

AB-1832: Protecting The Deep from Seabed Mining

Ivy Munnerlyn, Coastal Programs Coordinator As more and more Americans make the transition away from fossil fuels and towards electric appliances and vehicles, we start...
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Dioxin Hot-Spot in Arcata Marsh To Be Assessed

Jen Kalt, Humboldt Baykeeper Director On March 7, Humboldt Baykeeper, the City of Arcata, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Brownfields Program staff met for...

Big Irrigators Under Scrutiny for Fish-Killing Practices in Shasta River

Tom Wheeler, EPIC Executive Director EPIC is joining forces with Friends of the Shasta River in challenging fish-killing permits for large ranchers along the Shasta...
Redwood Region Audubon

The Sandpiper April 2022

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California Native Plant Society April 2022

Evening Program April  13, Wednesday.  7:30 p.m.  “Silvery Phacelia, Rare Coastal Beauty of Del Norte Coast Dunes.”  Silvery Phacelia (Phacelia argentea) exists only in...
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Zero Waste Humboldt Hires Layla Richardson

Maggie Gainer, Zero Waste Humboldt Consultant Zero Waste Humboldt’s (ZWH) Board of Directors is celebrating Earth Day 2022 with the recent hire of Layla Richardson...
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Electric Vehicles Will Not Save Us

Colin Fiske, CRTP Executive Director When I advocate for a reduced role for cars in our communities, one of the common responses I get goes...
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Biden’s National Forest Policy: New Talk, Same Old Walk

Felice Pace, North Group Executive Committee When Joe Biden beat Donald Trump and assumed the presidency the hopes of public land advocates rebounded. When his...

From Herbicide Wars to Forest Stewardship

Ilene Mandelbaum In 1970 during my freshman year at Brandeis University in Massachusetts, the Vietnam War over-shadowed anything we tried to learn sitting in classrooms...

Nature and War: How Russian Invasion Destroys Ukrainian Wildlife

Oksana Omelchuk & Sofia Sadohurska, Climate department experts, Ecoaction, Ukraine This article was translated to English by the authors, who work for a Ukrainian environmental...

Local Governance: What is LAFCO?

Elaine Weinreb Suppose Arcata wants to expand its boundaries.  Or suppose Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District wants to pipe water to a distant area.  Or...

Eye on Washington: April 2022

Dan Sealy, NEC Legislative Analyst Omnibus Spending Bill – Not Such a Green Deal There is a big battle being waged in Congress right now regarding...

DIY Zero: Composting

Susan Nolan Kitchen Scraps fight Climate Change Who would have thought your discarded coffee grounds and carrot butts could be a significant source of greenhouse gases?...

Get on Board for the Climate: California Walks a Fine Line

Martha Walden California's cap and trade program catches it from all sides. As a market-based strategy it's a less controlling approach to reducing carbon emissions...

Solutions Summit April 2022

CO-OPS NETWORK FOR INVESTMENTS Seed Commons, a nationwide network of cooperative loan funds and business incubators, provides support and funding for worker-owned co-op businesses across...

Mapping Our Stories

Raven E. Marshall, EcoNews Intern Maps are spatial representations of our world. America, so they say, was named after an Italian mapmaker Amerigo Vespucci. But...

Welcome to the Team: EcoNews Interns

I am Sicangu Lakota and Ihanktonwan Nakota/Dakota, born in Humboldt County where three generations of women in my family have called home. I am...