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News from the Center

Climate Crisis Since the last issue of EcoNews was published, the climate crisis has become more real to many members of the public who normally...

Letter From the Editor

This issue marks the end of my eighth year as EcoNews Editor for the Northcoast Environmental Center. This work has been immensely satisfying over...

2019 Year in Review

This Year’s Accomplishments 2019 was another successful and challenging year at the NEC! The following list features some of the many issues and events...

Salmon Stronghold: Refuge, Safe Harbor, Sanctuary

As salmon populations dwindle perilously due to habitat destruction, changing ocean conditions, climate change, and overfishing of some species, it is somewhat miraculous that...
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Eye on Washington

In Congress:  Good News!!! Six years of NEC’s close involvement with Congressman Huffman and a wide coalition of conservationists resulted in an important success. The...

CROP: Cannabis Removal on Public Lands Project

CROP and Media visit a trespass grow site near Shasta-Trinity National Forest by Jackee Riccio Empty pesticide containers, piles of trash, and thousands of feet of...
Rob DiPerna. Submitted photo.

Volunteer Spotlight – Rob DiPerna

Rob DiPerna How long have you been volunteering with NEC? I believe I’ve been volunteering with NEC for about a year, mostly helping with the...
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Planting for Butterflies and Caterpillars

Everyone loves butterflies, and everyone wants more of them in their garden! What’s the best way to attract them? Planting diverse native plants! Adult...
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Illegal Pasture Irrigation in Scott River Basin Driving Klamath Salmon Extinct

Located near the middle of the Klamath River Basin, the Scott River watershed once hosted large runs of spring and fall Chinook salmon. With...
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Bring Back our Beavers!

In November, EPIC submitted a rulemaking petition to the California Fish and Game Commission to re-write the trapping rules for beavers, giving California’s beavers...
The Tale of the Plastic Whale - the NEC's team sculpture at the Friends of the Dunes' sand sculpture festival in 2018, depicting a whale entangled in fishing gear. Photo: Megan Sunday.

Whale Entanglements on the Rise due to Marine Debris

In 2018, the NEC organized a team and participated in the Friends of the Dunes’ Sand Sculpture Festival. The team brainstormed together to figure...

Kin to the Earth: Gary Falxa

Gayle Garman and Dave Imper Gary Falxa, a dedicated NEC board member, reluctantly retired recently after five years representing the local chapter of the California...
Northern spotted owl. Photo: USFWS.

The Northern Spotted Owls’ Tree-Sit

Ellen. E. Taylor A poem…based on a true story occurring in the Mattole Watershed, July 2019 One still June night, when the moon hung bright, and...

‘Everything Is Not Fine’: Nobel Economist Calls on Humanity to End Obsession With GDP

If we measure the wrong thing, we will do the wrong thing. by Jon Queally This article was originally published online at Nobel Prize winning economist...
The Klamath River near Happy Camp. Photo: Matt Baun, USFWS, Flickr CC.

Voice Your Support for Removing Klamath Dams

Action Alert from California Wilderness Coalition (CalWild) This summer, the community group in charge of the removal process of four dams on the Klamath River,...
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Eureka Revives Zombie Road Proposal through Palco Marsh

On November 13, the City of Eureka held a public workshop to gather input on a new plan for the 101 Broadway Corridor. Described...
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Zero Waste Week in Bay Area March 2020

Zero Waste Humboldt is organizing a Redwood Coast contingent to participate in Zero Waste Week in the San Francisco Bay Area in March. If...
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Read EcoNews AND the Collector!

The Collector is CRTP’s curated weekly collection of transportation news and information focused on the North Coast, but also includes important and interesting items...
Dr. Lew Ziska, former Senior Researcher with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Crop Systems and Global Change Laboratory. Submitted photo.

Brave Climate Change Scientists Choose Hope Over Politics – Part Two

This is Part Two of an article resulting from interviews conducted by the author with Drs. Ziska and Caffrey in August of 2019. Full...
A banner reading Forest Defense is Climate Defense. Photo from Save the Mattole's Ancient Forest Facebook page.

Forest Defense Actions Continue in the Mattole

Save the Mattole’s Ancient Forest On November 25, an activist locked their body to the underside of a log truck in an attempt to prevent...

Shorts: Short bits of interest and curiosity

CA identifies Methane Super Emitters NASA, the California Air Resources Board, and the California Energy Commission studied methane emmission sources over a two year period...

Fill Your Holidays with Joy, Not Waste

Jackson Carrasco, Zero Waste Intern With the holidays racing towards us, don’t forget to practice zero waste in your gift giving and cooking this season!...
A closeup of mistletoe leaves. Photo: Tara Hunt, Flickr CC.

Kiss Me Under the Semi-Parasitic Aerial Shrub

Mistletoe is the horror of many a person at the annual Christmas Party. Mistletoe may be associated with unwanted advances, but EcoNews readers should...

Jordan Cove LNG Final Impact Statement Still Deficient

Press Release Power Past Fracked Gas On November 22, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) released a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the proposed Jordan...