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EcoNews Vol. 48, No. 3 – Jun/Jul 2018

News from the Center – JunJul 2018

An important issue we’ve been working on is making sure that the public is fully informed about the planned cannabis chemical extraction facilities (hash...

Help Us Protect the North Coast

Your support is essential as the Trump Administration attempts to dismantle protections for our public lands and natural resources. By standing in resistance to...
The foot of NEC volunteer Susan Nolan next to a bear paw print, taken in the western Trinities while researching Forest Service grazing leases. Photo courtesy of Susan Nolan.

Volunteer Spotlight: Susan Nolan

Susan Nolan How long have you been volunteering with NEC? I have volunteered at the NEC on and off since the 90s, if not the 80s—first...
The Wild and Scenic Trinity River. Photo: Sam Camp.

Fifty Years Of Saving Rivers: National Wild & Scenic RIvers Act

The National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2018. Congress passed and President Lyndon Johnson signed the Act on October...
The NEC's 9th Street lot, photographed in 2011. The former NEC office burned down in 2001. Photo: Martin Swett.

State Grant Awarded to Clean Up NEC’s 9th Street Parcel

In April, the State Water Resources Control Board approved a grant from its Site Cleanup Subaccount Program to fully remediate the NEC’s Ninth Street...
The G-O Road winds its way into the high Siskiyous near Peak 8 and Doctor Rock. Photo: Michael Kauffman.

Saga of the G-O Road, 30 Years Later

Deep in the Siskiyou Wilderness between Gasquet and Orleans, a lost highway lies abandoned and unfinished. It winds through rough and rocky country, rolling...
An educational slide showing where carbon is stored in a forest. Photo: reddplusccpp, slideshare.net.

Forest Carbon Plan: Increased Logging Disguised as “Science”

Governor Brown released his long-awaited “Forest Carbon Plan.” I’ll be blunt: the Plan is timber industry advocacy disguised as “science.” The plan focuses almost exclusively...
Source material for biomass power plants often comes from leftovers from logging operations, otherwise known as "slash." Photo: Oregon Department of Forestry, Flickr CC.

Pruitt Declares Biomass Carbon Neutral, in Contrast to Facts

In a world no longer constrained by facts, Scott Pruitt is king. On April 23, 2018, Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency...
Examples of plastic marine debris. Photo: NOAA Marine Debris Program, Flickr CC.

Plastic Pollution a Pervasive Problem

Plastics, due to their moldability, strength, and durability, are useful for a wide variety of uses and have become ubiquitous in modern life. However,...
Cover of The Marsh Builders: The Fight for Clean Water, Wetlands, and Wildlife by Sharon Levy.

Arcata Marsh Book Release June 8

River otters, frogs, ducks, and falcons: Northern California’s Arcata Marsh teems with life. This idyllic habitat helps to filters sewage. It exists because of...

Jordan Cove LNG Export Project Back from the Dead—Again

In the May 17 edition of the EcoNews Report, Waterkeeper Alliance’s Pete Nichols and Lesley Adams sat down to discuss the 13-year-old proposed Jordan...
Jemma teaching kids about macroinvertebrates at Bothe Nature Camp (Napa Resource Conservation District). Photo courtesy of Jemma Williams.

Where are They Now? Former NEC Work Study: Jemma Williams

While a student at HSU, Jemma Williams was fortunate to have her first work-study job be at the Northcoast Environmental Center—running the eco-boutique, delivering...
Rob in his natural habitat: a redwood forest. Photo courtesy of Rob DiPerna.

Kin to the Earth: Rob DiPerna

Rob DiPerna is distinctive. He cuts the part of an environmentalist, with long hair and a penchant for singing Grateful Dead songs in the...
Student Focus logo

Student Focus: McKinleyville High School Science Club

The McKinleyville High School Science Club is supported by enthusiastic students in grades 9-12, teachers, and local organizations whose main goal is to spread...
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Eye on Washington – Jun/Jul 2018

Congress is currently wrestling with left-over bills from 2018—the Farm Bill being one of the most important. They also begin the 2019 federal funding...
Vicki Christiansen, Interim Chief of the U.S. Forest Service. Official photo.

Get to Know the Players: Part Three

Learn about the people in charge of our environmental and public lands agencies.  In the Feb/Mar issue of EcoNews, we began a series to introduce...
Reusable, refillable water bottles come in a variety of styles. Don’t leave home without one! Photo: yourbestdigs, Flickr. com CC.

Cell Phone, Wallet, Keys… Reusable Water Bottle!

Over the years, it has become commonplace to see our friends and family make an effort to carry their reusable water bottles with them...
Fisheries biologist Ross Taylor weighs a halibut caught for study.

Mercury Guidelines for Eating Humboldt Bay Fish & Shellfish

Fish consumption is the major route of mercury exposure in the United States, but there are many health benefits of eating fish that is...
Humboldt marten. Photo: Charlotte Eriksson, Oregon State University.

Humboldt Marten Update

The Humboldt marten, a small carnivore related to minks and otters found only in old-growth forest and dense coastal shrub in Northern California and...
Anneli and Mathilde Macdonald, 8th graders at Jacoby Creek School, stand in front of their first-place project about nitrogen isotopes in tree rings. Photo: courtesy of Sierra Club.

Science Projects Receive Awards; Events

For the 12th year, North Group sponsored an award for the best project relating to environmental issues at the annual Humboldt County Science Fair...
Dudleya succulents. Photo: Michael Kauffman.

CNPS Updates & Happenings

Plants for Sale at the Kneeland Glen Farm Stand Native plants grown by the North Coast CNPS Chapter Nursery are available all summer at the...
Western pond turtle. Photo: Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife CC

Kids’ Page: River Critters

Did you know there are many different animals that live in and around rivers? Rivers provide water for fish, but many other creatures also...
A widow skimmer dragonfly. Photo: D. Huntington, OdontataCentral CC.

Creature Feature: Dragonflies and Damselflies

Dragonflies and damselflies are some of the most captivating and enigmatic of flying insects. With their long transparent wings and bright colors, these voracious...
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The Sandpiper – Jun/Jul 2018

Click here to download the Jun/Jul 2018 Sandpiper
Water drop photo by Joao Paulo Martins, Flickr CC

Humboldt Board of Supervisors Weigh in on Controversial Water Tax Bill

The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, along with representatives from other invested agencies, weighed in on a controversial “water tax” bill in a May...