Environmental Journalist

    Our previous Environmental Journalist was so amazing she’s was offered a full time position out of the area! Now we’re looking for another amazing Journalist.

    Pay rate: $12/hour

    Hours: 70 hours a month. Flexible, to not exceed 8 hours/day without prior approval.


    Under the direction of the Administrative & Development Director, the Environmental Journalist will assist the NEC in providing timely and accurate news stories on current environmental issues in Humboldt County, as assigned and/or attending events and meetings, as directed by the Administrative & Development Director and/or Executive Director.


    Specific Tasks:

    1. Attend events and meeting, as deemed important
    2. Collecting, verifying and analyzing thoroughly newsworthy information
    3. Assembling event and meeting findings into a stable story
    4. Writing and delivering news stories with the reader’s perspective in mind
    5. Receive assignments or investigate news leads/tips
    6. Abide by journalism’s ethics and codes
    7. Contact, interview and research sources
    8. Maintain notes and audio recordings
    9. Stay up-to-date with the latest current environmental issues in the “beat” by studying papers, websites, attending events etc.
    10. Conduct research and submit completed articles to Administrative & Development Director and Executive Director.
    11. Publish and/or circulate approved news stories
    12. Submit time sheet with duties performed in time period by the 15th and last day of pay period.


    1. Assist with creation and sending of action alerts based on meeting and event outcomes
    2. Assist with Facebook & Instagram and other web updates as directed


    1. Journalism degree preferred, but will consider students from other majors
    2. Ability to remain flexible and prioritize multiple tasks and deadlines
    3. Ability to work both independently and as part of a team
    4. Proficiency in the use of the Microsoft Word and Google Drive
    5. Proficiency with WordPress
    6. Demonstrated skills in writing and communication
    7. Preferred knowledge of conservation and environmental issues, community organizing and activism
    8. Journalism integrity
    9. Ability to gather, write and edit news

    Application process:

    Send cover letter, resume specifying relevant experience, three writing samples and your predicted weekly availability schedule to Programs Coordinator and Office Support.

    Submission via email (pdf, doc) is preferred.  To mail, send documents to NEC, PO Box 4259, Arcata, CA 95518 or drop off at 415 I Street, Arcata.

    Position is open until filled.