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Happy Mindful Monday! Today we’re sharing some resources from the Humboldt County Office of Education and the Advancing Learning Landscapes program. Looking for more ways to stay engaged and engage your kids? Look no further! Their Improv Homeschool Youtube Channel shares videos of simple outdoor and environmental education opportunities you can do together (or alone!) during this time in quarantine.

We are sharing one activity here, but check out their YouTube page for more!


Drawing Together

What: Find a buddy, head outside, and have fun observing an object together! In this activity it takes one person to be the EYES and the other to be the HAND to notice and record observations.
Where: Anywhere outdoors
Time: 15-30 minutes


  • Nature Journal: A notebook (preferably with blank pages) or clipboard and stapled together blank paper
  • Any item you find in nature
  • Pencil/pen and other drawing supplies if desired

1. Find a partner. This is an easy activity to help keep social ties strong during distance learning as the partner can easily be connected with virtually.
2. Head outside and find an item to observe (big, small, or even the view itself — anything will work!). The important thing is keeping your chosen “item” secret from your partner.
3. Choose who will be the Eyes first (describing the details of their item) and who will be the Hand (interpreting and recording these observations into a drawing).
4. Sit back-to-back so the Hand cannot see what the Eyes are observing.
5. Observe and record — drawing together! When complete compare the drawing to the real item, noticing what is alike and different. Have a discussion about the process: What was tricky or unclear? What information would have helped? Did you need to ask more questions?
6. Switch spots and draw together again!

Photo by:
Brittany Kleinschnitz, Office and Event Support

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