Environmental Policy Intern

    You can have a Virtual Washington, D.C. Experience and Learn how Policy is Made and Changed

    Learn Where Conservation Meets National Politics

    Knowledge of the relationship between politics and conservation is useful knowledge whether your career takes you to a fire watch tower in the wilderness or the halls of Congress.

    With the 2020 Presidential and Congressional elections swirling in the foreground, important conservation legislation and policies are on the table to be written or ripped up behind the drama. Among the bills to be tracked is a wilderness and Wild & Scenic rivers bill for Northwest California.

    Though this internship is based here in Humboldt County, our Washington DC Legislative Analyst will do everything possible to give interns the environmental and educational experience of Washington, D.C. (where he lives part-time) accessible to you. He will draw on your education and build a foundation of understanding of how the system works. You will learn how groups, such as the Northcoast Environmental Center interact with elected officials and attempt to influence them to protect natural resources.

    Internship Description:
    You will be given background materials on the legislative process as well as some specific active legislation that is important to the Northcoast Environmental Center and local conservationists. You will be taught how to use public resources to follow events, live, here in DC as well as access archived materials. You will also be given personal access to professional environmental news media to stay current on legislation.

    Work: You will use that background to track legislation identified by NEC as well as looking for new legislation of interest. You will work with your sponsor / supervisor, Dan Sealy, to discuss developments and contact additional experts or interested parties to glean additional information, and then write summary analysis to provide to the NEC Board, representing most of the north coast environmental groups, so they can be informed and current on those developments.  Your written analysis will be used as part of your internship fulfillment along with any requirements you and your faculty advisor determine necessary.

    Qualifications: You must:

    • be a student at Humboldt State University.
    • have a desire to use your knowledge and skills to help protect the environmental resources of the north coast,
    • have, or be willing to develop, good written and verbal communication skills.
    • have the concurrence of your faculty advisor.
    • You will need to fill out a couple of required forms required by NEC as well as HSU.

    How to Apply: Send a short introductory email to our Washington DC Legislative Analyst Dan Sealy explaining your interest and background in resource conservation and your contact information.

    Deadline: Negotiable, but for credit, must sign up by the deadline for enrollment.