Soil Science Crossword


  1. Cropland left idle in order to restore productivity through accumulation of moisture
  2. The relative proportions of sand, silt, and clay particles in a mass of soil.
  3. Waterlogged, spongy ground, consisting primarily of mosses and decaying vegetation.
  4. The downward movement of water through the soil.
  5. Layers of soil occurring in arctic regions in which a temperature below freezing has existed continuously for a long time.
  6. Application of water to soils to assist in production of crops.
  7. Rock of any origin altered in mineralogical composition, chemical composition, or structure by heat, pressure, and movement.
  8. A soil through which water, air, or roots penetrate slowly or not at all.
  9. A rock fragment larger than 2 feet in diameter.



  1. The rapid downhill movement of a mass of soil and loose rock, generally when wet or saturated.
  2. The solid rock that underlies the soil.
  3. The upper part of the soil which is the most favorable material for plant growth.
  4. Rock made up of particles deposited from suspension in water.
  5. A shallow depression from which all or most of the soil material has been removed by wind.
  6. The wearing away of the land surface by water, wind, ice, or other geologic agents.
  7. The exchange of air in soil with air from the atmosphere.
  8. Many fine soil particles held in a single mass or cluster.
  9. Runoff, or surface flow of water, from an area.
  10. A miniature valley with steep sides cut by running water and through which water ordinarily runs only after rainfall.
  11. A natural, three-dimensional body at the earth’s surface which supports life (plant, animal or microbial)

Answer Key