Fishing Community Sustainability for Eureka and Shelter Cove

The Woodley Island Marina in Humboldt Bay is the center of Eureka’s commercial fishing fleet. Credit Jennifer Kalt HBK

Dr. Laurie Richmond of Humboldt State University led a team of researchers who interviewed commercial and charter fishermen, fishing families, deckhands, local business owners and operators, local civic leaders, and elected officials in Eureka and Shelter Cove to develop recommendations to improve the sustainability of these ports. Recommendations range from basic infrastructure like dredging and cold storage to better organization for political engagement, market development, and habitat protection. In Shelter Cove, a new fishermen’s association has already formed and will soon begin managing the marina facilities.

Dr. Richmond will present the findings to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors on January 8.

The draft plans are available online.