Help Us Protect the North Coast

Your support is essential as the Trump Administration attempts to dismantle protections for our public lands and natural resources. By standing in resistance to this assault, California has become a focus of vengeful tactics by the Administration. This has made our North Coast a target for new environmental abuses, including potential offshore drilling, increased logging, reduced flows for Klamath River salmon and other water grabs, weakened water and air protections, environmentally unsound road projects, and reckless use of chemicals. The NEC is your local environmental grassroots organization.

We continue to be vigilant for these and other threats, and are ready to respond. With you and hundreds of loyal NEC members standing with our member groups and fellow activists, we are well positioned to take on this challenge.

Here’s an overview of our tasks at hand:

Continued Engagement on Cannabis Issues in Northwest California: With full legalization now in effect, we’re encouraging strong enforcement of environmental regulations on private lands, with an emphasis on enforcement of grows that are not permitted under Humboldt and Trinity Counties’ cannabis ordinances. We continue to call for the complete eradication of trespass grows on public lands.

Hash Labs on the Rivers: We’ve been sounding the alarm over the planned cannabis chemical extraction facilities (hash labs) by Mercer-Fraser at Glendale (on the Mad River near Blue Lake) and at Big Rock on the Trinity River near Willow Creek. Despite Mercer-Fraser’s suspicious withdrawal of its planned Glendale operation and rezoning, we must continue to remain vigilant—we believe this project may be resurrected, and there may be other poorly sited projects proposed.

Informative Candidate Questionnaire: In the April/May edition of EcoNews, we published the results of our Board of Supervisors Candidate Questionnaire. Be sure to check out the answers before you vote on June 5. We also participated in the May 10 community Candidate Forum at the Labor Temple.

Technology Update: Our new user- and mobile-friendly website is up and running, thanks to those who donated specifically to our tech appeal! The website features a news feed that will have the latest environmental news of interest to North Coast residents. Be sure to visit and give us your feedback.

4th Annual Tim McKay Memorial Birdathon: We just finished another successful Birdathon fundraiser in collaboration with Redwood Region Audubon Society. Thanks to all who participated!

Planning for the NEC’s 39th Annual Coastal Cleanup Day: NEC founded this event in 1979. We had a great volunteer turnout for the 2017 event with many hundreds of participants, making it one of our most successful. Coastal Cleanup Day provides many local supporters, including many families, with an opportunity to improve our coastal environment. Mark your calendars to participate on September 15. This yearly effort would not be possible without your continued help!

Providing Opportunities for the Next Generation of Environmental Leaders: Thanks to HSU’s work-study program, a gift of $1,000 translates to at least $3,000 on the ground, enough to support one of our fantastic work-study students for a semester. Thanks to a generous donation of $1,000 specifically for this program, we were able to employ one of our work- study students for a year. Also, for a seventh year, HSU students are working with our D.C. legislative analyst for a virtual “On the Hill” Washington experience tracking important Congressional actions. It’s our hope that these young people will be our future conservation leaders—your support will allow these opportunities to continue.

Educating North Coast Communities: We continue to keep our community informed and engaged on environmental and conservation issues through our bi-monthly publication EcoNews, now in its 48th year. We also continue to coordinate the EcoNews Report, the longest-running public affairs radio show on KHSU, which delivers timely environmental news over the air and via streaming every week. Tune in Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. to KHSU 90.5 FM (or one of its other regional translators), or visit our website to hear previous shows!

Congressman Jared Huffman’s Northern California Conservation and Recreation Act: We have been working on this bill for five years and it is now poised for introduction! Check our website for the latest updates on this very important bill.

Help us confront increased conservation threats and build an ecologically sound future by making a donation or becoming an NEC member today! Or, by becoming a Sustaining Member (committing to donate monthly), you can help solidify NEC’s financial base and our ability to engage with upcoming projects that will require our attention.

Also, consider a donation to support environmental Cinema Nights. The NEC plans to reignite our well-attended movie evenings, where friends of the environment can be inspired, socialize, and participate in post-movie discussions. Our initial goal is to raise $750 to host the kickoff event this fall. You can support this effort by including an additional contribution earmarked for “Cinema Night.”

On behalf of the board and staff of the NEC, we thank you in advance for your commitment to this special region and all of its inhabitants.

Larry Glass, NEC Executive Director and Board President, and the Board of Directors:
Dan Sealy, Bob Morris, Jennifer Kalt, CJ Ralph, Gary Falxa, Chris Beresford, Alicia Hamann, Richard Kreis, and Briana Villalobos.