Giving Tuesday 2023

Dear EcoNews Readers,

First, thanks for picking up the paper, sharing what you’ve learned with your community, giving us feedback and tips, and helping us to continue bringing important environmental news and information to the public so that they can engage in the processes that affect our bioregion and the world. Many of you have been reading EcoNews for decades, some of you have just started noticing it as we’ve increased our distribution range. We appreciate all of you.

This month, as Giving Tuesday rolls around, we ask that you keep EcoNews and the Northcoast Environmental Center in mind when you are considering organizations to donate to. In addition to publishing this fine paper that you hold in your hands, the NEC also engages in advocacy, education and direct action. We monitor forest policy and local development such as housing and energy projects, engage the community in citizen science tracking local waste patterns (and keep an eye out for our upcoming plankton monitoring program), and are working with our unhoused neighbors in cleanups that have removed over 12,000 pounds of trash from watersheds in the past year. And, of course, we publish 11 issues of EcoNews per year which can be found for free at newsstands throughout Humboldt, Del Norte and Trinity counties.

There are a lot of ways to give to the NEC and your donation goes a long way. By making a one-time or monthly donation at or, if you are 70 or older, by talking to your financial advisor about making a Qualified Charitable Contribution from your IRA, you can make a big impact in our work. For the price of your monthly Netflix subscription, you can help us continue to employ interns, train the next generation of environmental justice advocates through workshops and mentorships, pay dump fees for our Compassionate Cleanups, keep our fabulous staff engaged in advocacy and education, increase our environmental reporting, publish and distribute EcoNews, and simply keep a roof over our heads and the lights on. We can’t do this work without community support. As an added bonus, when you make a donation to the NEC we will mail EcoNews right to your door. 

Thanks for standing with us in defense of the earth, – Northcoast Environmental Center Staff