How to Become a Community Scientist with iNaturalist

Our guest is Michelle Kunst of the Trinidad Coastal Land Trust, which manages some of the most popular beaches in the Westhaven/Trinidad area. Michelle explains the how, why, where, what, and when of the upcoming Snapshot Hum Coast BioBlitz 2020 project and how you can use just a smart phone and the iNaturalist app to gather observations for this “bioblitz” community science effort. No expertise of local plant and animal species is required!

To help create a snapshot in time of biodiversity along the Humboldt County coast, download the iNaturalist app and join the Snapshot Hum Coast BioBlitz 2020 project. All it takes is a visit to your your favorite coastal area anytime  August 17 and 31, photographing the flora and fauna and uploading your observations to iNaturalist.

Click HERE to learn more including a short video on how to use iNaturalist .

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