Humboldt County Planning Commissioner Kevin McKenny Resigns

McKenny at a Humboldt County Planning Commission Meeting
Screenshot of McKenny at a Humboldt County Planning Commission Meeting

After being called to resign by environmental groups including the Northcoast Environmental Center, EPIC, and Humboldt Baykeeper, Humboldt County Planning Commissioner Kevin McKenny renounced his seat on the commission on May 17.

Mr. McKenny had been served with a Notice of Violation and a Cleanup and Abatement Order by the North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board (NCRWQCB), placing him on notice that he violated numerous federal and state laws:

Federal Clean Water Act: Installation of a pipe, and placing debris and concrete in a wetland near Third Slough, a Humboldt Bay tributary just outside Eureka city limits. Draining and filling wetlands requires permits from the Army Corps of Engineers and a Clean Water Act section 401 certification from the NCRWQCB.

North Coast Basin Plan: Placement of wood, concrete, and sidecast dirt from grading into waters of the state at the Site is a violation of the Basin Plan.

California Water Code: Failure to report waste discharges and placement of waste in state waters without NCRWQCB approval is a violation of California Water Code sections 13260 and 13376.

Construction General Permit: The disturbed area at the site is more than one acre and requires a Construction

General Permit. Failure to obtain coverage under the Construction General Permit is a violation of the Clean

Water Act and California Water Code section 13399.30.

County Code: Humboldt County’s Streamside Management Area ordinance requires permits for grading or filling wetlands, and for removing wetland or riparian vegetation.

Read more on his resignation HERE.

And read the NEC’s, EPIC’s, and Baykeeper’s Press Release calling for him to step down HERE.

More on McKenny’s violations HERE.


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