Is Policy Before Science the New Norm in Water Regulations?

MiddleFork_channel_TiPa Eel River CC FOER
MiddleFork_channel_TiPa Eel River CC FOER

Tune in for a discussion of how federal agencies are protecting fish, or rather failing to do so.

Scott Greacen, Conservation Director for Friends of the Eel River is joined by Chris Shutes, FERC projects director and water rights advocate for California Sportfishing Protection Alliance to discuss federal influence on water policy in California.

Trump’s memoranda on water policy last month is part of a pattern of bending federal agencies to have policies that are more favorable to water supply interests. Particularly concerning is the way in which best available science appears to be overpowered by policy interests, for example in the relicensing process for the Don Pedro dam on the Tuolumne river.

Learn more about Trump’s memoranda directing a broad review on water regulations in this Sacramento Bee article.