It’s Coastal Cleanup Time!

Folks, it’s that time of year again! Time for Coastal Cleanup Month! This week, Northcoast Environmental Center Coastal Programs Coordinator, Ivy Munnerlyn, and Co-Director, Caroline Griffith, join us to talk about the tradition of beach cleanups on the North Coast — did you know that this worldwide event started at the NEC? — and how the event has shifted in response to COVID.

This year promises to bring all the great elements of the last few years together for an event packed with citizen science, coastal stewardship and fun prizes. Tune in to learn more about this iconic event and why picking up trash is more than just beautification. Then grab your family and friends and head to your favorite beach, park, street or trail and start collecting data. Learn more about Coastal Cleanup Month 2021 and how to participate at:

Thanks to Lost Coast Communications & Humboldt Distillery for making this show possible!