Klamath Dam Removal in its First Stages

The Klamath River near Happy Camp. Photo: Matt Baun, Flickr CC, USFWS.
The Klamath River near Happy Camp. Photo: Matt Baun, Flickr CC, USFWS.

The Klamath dams have been a source of debate and controversy on the North Coast for decades. In 2016, the Klamath River Renewal Corporation was tasked with gaining ownership and removal of four PacifiCorp dams on the Klamath River. Dave Meurer, Community Liaison for KRRC, discusses the history of the Klamath dams, how they ended up in the hands of KRRC, and how the process of their removal will continue.

The story of the Klamath River is a long one. Its history with Native Americans and later the fisherman, loggers, ranchers, and others that came to rely on its resources has evolved in recent years as groups began to battle over their rights to its water, power, and fish, as well as the health of the river itself. Dam removal began to be proposed as an option, and when a major fish kill in 2002 occurred on the river, the discussion heated up. The four dams now scheduled for removal, JC Boyle, Copco, No.1 & 2, and Iron Gate, may finally be reaching their end as KRRC takes on the responsibility of renewing the Klamath River.

To get more information, visit the KRRC’s website at klamathrenewal.org, where you can also sign up for their newsletter. Their Facebook page will also list upcoming events and more. Stay tuned for KRRC’s public meetings in 2018, where you can weigh in on these issues.


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