Letter From the Editor

This issue marks the end of my eighth year as EcoNews Editor for the Northcoast Environmental Center. This work has been immensely satisfying over the years, suiting both my ecological conscience and my particular skills, and I have been grateful to have had the opportunity to be able to do this as long as I have. While I had every intention to continuing to do this work for a long while yet, I sadly must announce that this issue is my last.

I’ve been a fan of the NEC since I moved to this region nearly 20 years ago. I interned with the NEC at the 9th Street location in 2000, and fondly remember seeing Tim McKay diligently at work in his office, and the incredible library of articles, books, and news clippings covering a range of environmental topics that provided a valuable research resource in the days before the internet became ubiquitous. The NEC’s news library inspired my passion for environmental news and archiving, and I was thrilled to later become the EcoNews Editor in early 2011.

Much has changed on the North Coast in the years since, but much has also remained the same. Industry and development continue to threaten the integrity of our local resources, water, landscapes, and ecosystems. We must remain vigilant and keep a watchful eye on those who would damage our environment for the sake of profit. Keeping the public informed about these various issues will continue to be of utmost importance.

This region has been home to some incredible and inspiring activism and actions over the years, thanks to our engaged citizens and diligent non-profits, and it is my hope that we continue to meet coming challenges in ways that will protect as much of our precious resources—including our water, wildlife, and wildlands as well as human infrastructure needs—as is possible. Future generations of humans and critters alike are depending on us to make smart, educated decisions. Environmental news is crucial to those ends.

I would like to extend my gratitude to  all those who have complimented my work on EcoNews, provided feedback, contributed content, and supported the publication over the years. THANK YOU! 

The only constant is change, as they say, and the times are definitely changing—both in my life and in the world. Only time will tell what comes next.