Letter to the Editor: Black Lives Matter Still Matters in Humboldt County

I noticed that in the September edition of EcoNews that the Black Lives Matter movement has already been forgotten, and that’s a shame because the eco/green groups in Humboldt could learn a lot from it.

I’ve lived in Humboldt for 20 years, but like a lot of nonwhite folks, I moved here from an urban area. I didn’t feel welcomed by the green groups because nobody cared that I didn’t know where Meeting Place X was or how to even get to the Manila Dunes, etc.

Today, like a lot of nonwhite folks, I live in a city (Eureka) without a yard or even a patio, and I make less than $40,000 a year so no fancy birding equipment or trips for me.

However, I still care about global warming, and try to go birding and hiking, and put my washed recyclable containers in the bin. Maybe your contributors could meet people like me halfway, and ask themselves what they should say to the pair of nonwhite hands holding the EcoNews.

Also, a regular column by Latino Outdoors would be nice.


Lori Brannigan