Letter to the Editor: Hope for the Future

06 September 2020

To the EcoNews editor,

I was pleased to find a couple of articles in the September edition profiling young, dynamic, hard-working women. Amber Jamieson and Regina Chichizola are two among a bevy of younger women and men moving into leadership positions within North Coast environmental groups and tribal governments. It has not always been easy, especially for the women.

The younger leadership within environmental and tribal communities has already made important contributions as part of the movement to protect and restore the forests, watersheds, fisheries and wildlife of the Klamath Mountains and North Coast Ranges. I expect in the years ahead they will do even more; learning from the mistakes I and my generation made. Perhaps they can heal some of the longstanding divisions that weaken us and restore the clean water that should be every human’s birthright.

These young leaders give me hope for the future. We need to find ways to support and encourage them. I’m glad EcoNews is doing its part.

Felice Pace

Age 73