Letters to EcoNews: Green Diamond Logging in Bayside

Washington Creek Parcel 9. Photo source: Ben Goulart.

Dear Northcoast Environmental Center,

Green Diamond logging company has decided to push and plow through the beautiful forest right behind the neighborhood nestled between Jacoby and Washington Creeks in Bayside. These forests are rich in wildlife, and Green Diamond’s logging will destroy the habitat for countless animals.

Since last summer, residents have engaged in talks with Green Diamond about conserving the forest surrounding their neighborhood because of its endangered Coho Salmon and hundreds of wild animals who need this ecosystem. Residents have met and communicated in good faith with Green Diamond representatives responsible for managing the tracts above Jacoby Creek and Washington Creek about the possibility of an easement before their proposed clearcutting began. 

Green Diamond told residents they would wait until summer 2023 to do any logging, as they continued talks with the Jacoby Creek Land Trust about the possibility for an easement.  Then, only a few months after meeting with the neighborhood, Green Diamond charged ahead and clearcut vast tracts of forest surrounding the Washington Creek area. This area is one of many recent clearcuts on the ridge lines above the Jacoby Creek Watershed.   It has devastated the local habitat and displaced countless forest creatures.

Recently logged parcel adjacent to 30 acres. Photo source: Ben Goulart.

Green Diamond has continued its practice of leaving huge 10 foot tall by 50 foot long piles of woody debris, a dangerous fire hazard to the community.  They have left roads with no base rock, and in the rain those roads continue to deposit silt and sand into Jacoby Creek, contributing to the constant flooding that plagues the Jacoby Creek Valley neighborhoods since they started clearcutting a hundred years ago.  Local resident, Ben Goulart, said, “I can’t believe after all these years, they continue with the same devastating logging practices.”

Green Diamond logging in Bayside, Ca. Photo source: Ben Goulart.

Now Green Diamond has the opportunity to support the local community, to preserve ecosystems, and give back a wildlife migratory path by supporting a wildlife easement.  This would allow animals to roam from upper Jacoby Creek and Kneeland, down through the many easements, all the way to the valley floor at the Jacoby Creek Land Trust’s Kokte Ranch. This proposed easement is the last piece to that wildlife corridor, and would benefit at least 50 species of local animals photographed by residents in the Washington Creek area, such as:  fishers, nesting osprey, hummingbirds, alligator lizards, breeding bald eagles, band-tailed pigeons, black bears, chipmunks, owls, crows, ravens, dragonflies, golden crowned kinglet, golden eagles, blue herons, grey jays, woodpeckers, thrush, northern flicker, pacific giant salamander, pacific wren, red legged frog, red shouldered hawk, quail, newts, ducks, fox, possum, raccoon, rabbit, and deer.

Residents have requested Green Diamond grant a conservation easement to the Jacoby Creek Land Trust, to provide nature a nomadic path.

To raise public awareness about the long-lasting destruction of wildlife habitat caused by Green Diamond’s clearcuts, a protest is being organized in May at the entrance to the Green Diamond Logging road on South Quarry Road. Residents and North Coast environmentalists want Green Diamond to make good on its pledge to be great “Forest Stewards” by granting this wildlife easement to protect the fragile ecosystem that is the Jacoby Creek watershed.

 To learn more and get involved, contact Ben Goulart at 707-298-1770.