Letters to EcoNews: Delta Tunnel Project Will Harm Salmon

Local Tribes and the Hoopa High Water Protector’s Club demand protection of the Klamath and Trinity Rivers, photo by Marc Daddigan.

On March 2 the California State Department of Water Resources (DWR) held a public scoping hearing in Redding California, the only one in the Northstate, to seek public input on the scope of issues to be addressed in the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) of Governor Newsom’s recently released state water plan.  Of the original seven planned scoping meetings in the state, none were planned further north than Sacramento. The meeting in Redding took place due to the efforts of the Hoopa Valley High School Water Protectors Club. These brave youths traveled to Sacramento to attend the public scoping hearing on February 3rd to urge the California DWR to conduct a hearing further north.  Over 200 people attended the March 2 hearing to voice their concerns on the impact of the State permanently diverting billions of gallons of water to Southern California, water that is desperately needed for our rivers. This project threatens the Trinity, Klamath, and Sacramento Rivers, all their tributaries and the salmon, as well as the very essence of the Indigenous Cultures.  We heard moving and intelligent testimony delivered by many tribal members as well as environmentalists, fisheries biologists, fishing guides, and the general public who all spoke against this project. This comes on the heels of the latest report of the Klamath River system’s Fall Chinook salmon run which fell well below projection and reduces the prospects for the next generation of fish.

We encourage people to get involved and voice their opinions and concerns.  The public scoping period is open until April 17 at 5 pm. Submit your comments to DeltaConveyanceScoping@water.ca.gov to explain why you think that this project should not be approved.  Talking points can be found on SaveCaliforniaSalmon at www.californiasalmon.org/alerts  

Comments made are required to go on record and become part of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).  Also, call or email Governor Newsom at https://govapps.gov.ca.gov/gov40mail/.


submitted by Rebecca Schiros and Stacy Sebring

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