M I N D F U L ☼ M O N D A Y S: Nature-Based Art Projects

For this Mindful Monday we are bringing you some nature-based art project ideas!

Between the recent rainy days and COVID-19, many of us are spending these days stuck inside. Arts and crafts can help us stimulate the creative parts of our brains and feel accomplished once we’ve completed a project. For those of us who have kids, it also gives us a chance to try something new, teach something about nature, and keep them busy for a little while!

Our Office and Events Coordinator, Brittany, likes to create simple mandalas and shapes out of the materials at hand. The image posted above is made with things from her front yard in addition to a few personal items. What’s even better… you can make double use of some of your materials! Brittany took these dandelion parts and made tea and infused vinegar with the leaves and flowers for a detoxifying, mineral rich medicine.

Below are some links to project ideas for both kids and adults, but if you have a Pinterest account, there are hundreds of ideas on their site:

Kids projects: https://www.artycraftykids.com/art/bold-beautiful-nature-art-ideas-for-kids/
How to press flowers: https://www.nhm.ac.uk/discover/how-to-press-flowers.html
How to do leaf rubbings: https://www.firstpalette.com/craft/leaf-rubbings.html

What are some nature based art projects you’ve tried? Share in the comments or tag us in a post of what you’re making… we’d love to see!

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