Environmental Laws Crossword



  1. Acronym for 1986 act that provides assistance to local communities in protecting the public health from chemical hazards.
  2. The ______ Prevention Act: Passed in 1990, focused on source reduction of pollution.
  3. The Safe _______ Water Act: Passed in 1974, Allows the EPA to establish purity standards for sources of drinking water.
  4. The Clean ____Act: Passed in 1977, makes it unlawful to discharge any pollutant from a source point into navigable waters



  1. Acronym for the 1980 act that creates a federal ‘Superfund’ to clean up or remove pollutants and hazardous materials.
  2. Acronym for 1969 act that ensures the govt researches potential env. effects before undertaking any major federal action.
  3. The Clean ____ Act: Passed in 1970, contains detailed provisions that regulate air emissions from various sources.
  4. The ______ Species Act: Passed in 1973, to protect, and hopefully repopulate, threatened or endangered species.
  5. Acronym for 1970 act concerned with workplace safety such as the use of hazardous substances in the workplace.

7. Acronym for the 1972 act which has the power to prohibit the use of certain pesticides

Answer Key