May Trash Craft Night

Join us May 23rd for a Trash Craft Night, from 6-8pm we’ll be in the office getting creative with all the garbage we’ve collected.

Grab a taco from Richard’s Goat next door and come help us make bribes or sculpture art for the Kinetic Grand Championship team, Trashlantis. Are you planning to submit a piece for this year’s Craft for the Coast? Come get supplies or just get into the crafting zone at our table.

No goal? No problem! Come get some inspiration and see what wild art comes out of the garbage we’ve found. Hot glue guns, table space and an assortment of found objects will be provided.

Feel free to bring colorful garbage and found objects to share or for your own creative endeavors. We’ll gladly take donations during office hours and are excited to hear your ideas for making straw beads, headphone cable necklaces, and bread bag clasp collages!

Trashlantis assembled bribes should be:
  • Wearable or functional in some way
  • Small enough to easily carry
  • Free of any insulting or hateful speech
  • Flashy & Fun!
Trashlantis assembled art should be:
  • Ocean creature themed
  • Less than 10 lb and small enough to lift individually
  • Free of any insulting or hateful speech
  • Flashy & Fun!


TrAsH aRT!

This year we’ll be hosting Craft for the Coast in early June. Submissions will be accepted From May 1st-31st.