Mindful☼ Mondays: Collective Anxiety

Good Morning and happy Monday.

Is anyone else feeling the collective anxiety now more than ever? Between COVID-19, ongoing catastrophic wildfires and the lives they have taken, conversations about politics and their intersections with social and environmental justice — it’s all just feeling like a lot to manage.

This Monday we just want to acknowledge this anxiety. How is it being expressed in your personal experience? Where do you feel it in your body? Perhaps it is reflected as an upset stomach, a tight jaw, raised shoulders, stiff neck. What is the quality of your thoughts? Maybe your thoughts are racing, unsettled, or disassociated, disconnected, numbed.

Or maybe there are aspects of your life that are mitigating this anxiety and bolstering your resilience. Friends, family, pets. If you are not feeling anxiety right now – how can you support your community members in easing their own?

Take a moment to speak aloud how your body and mind are feeling. Give this experienced the description of a landscape. What does the landscape of your mind look like right now? There could be storms, ice, drought, fire, tornadoes, or simply the calm of the coming autumn — leaves drifting to the ground, cool air coming in.

Finally, consider what your landscape needs to return to balance. It might be water to douse the flames. It may be heat or controlled fire to keep you warm or to clear space for a new experience to grow. How can you tend to your inner landscape toward greater harmony?

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