Mindful☼Monday: A Documentary To Build A Dream On

Good morning! Is anyone else in need of a good dose of hope and motivation? If you have yet to see the new film, 2040, we’re encouraging you to put it on your binge-watch list.

2040 was created by Damon Gameau, a film director and father on the search for more sustainable solutions for the world his daughter will inherit. Damon travels across the globe meeting innovators in the fields of economics, technology, society, agriculture, education, and sustainability. Weaving in whimsical imaginings about our future, this film activates the activist’s imagination.

The best part? ALL of these futuristic solution are being implemented at small scales right NOW.

When you’re feeling hopeless this movie helps you remember: Nothing is our of our reach.
Go to whatsyour2040.com to see the film or host a screening!

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