Mindful☼Mondays: Act Local

Good morning. Yet another week has passed: COVID numbers are climbing, the political landscape is disorienting, and the season continually shifts into cold and darkness. Despite the heavy atmosphere, this movement into winter allows us to go within ourselves, to nurture our own bodies and hearts, preparing to emerge again into the warmth.

During this time, we’re thinking about how to best utilize our resources, personal and communal. Are you feeling overwhelmed with the many social and environmental ills of the day? One way to alleviate this global stress is to act locally. Localize your activism and your resources. Put away the far reaching triggering news and pick up your local paper. See where you can make some tangible changes.

Go within yourself this winter, but also go within your community.

“And I firmly believe that—while some global initiatives are vital, like reducing carbon emissions—most initiatives should be small groups of people coming together in different ways. Governments and politicians are too bound to the idea of continued “economic growth” to commit to real change. Instead the world needs to be regenerated in an organic, cellular way, the way life recreates itself.”
- Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, Spiritual Principles in Action

Share with us how you have supported your community lately, or plans you have for the future.

Photo by @bkleinschnitz