Mindful☼Mondays: Being in Community

We hope you’ve enjoyed these last few days of good weather. In our community we can already see signs of mid-Winter coaxing the blooms and buds awake with promises of sunshine and heat. We too react to this promise, feeling the normalcy of a nice day – when we can bike to the farmer’s market, grab a coffee and lay in the grass at the square, share physically-distanced walks with ones dear to us.

Today we want to encourage you to take some of the warmth you absorbed this weekend and radiate it back out to someone else. When you make your trip to the co-op or the hardware store, when you go for your daily walk – do not avert your eyes from the gaze of a stranger as many of us usually do. Allow for the smiling eye contact that so few of us get during this time of cold and dark isolation. You’d be surprised what small joy you’ll receive from this exchange.

Photo by @animate.earth
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