Mindful☼Mondays: Bioneers Conference

M I N D F U L ☼ M O N D A Y S

Happy Monday! This past weekend was the first weekend of Bioneers conference – this year a two part virtual conference. We’ve mentioned Bioneers before in our Mindful Mondays post.

Bioneers is a yearly conference dedicated to bringing together the best minds in social and environmental justice, Indigeniety and sovereignty, climate action, and whole hearted leadership. It’s Revolution from the Heart of Nature.

You can still get your virtual “seat” for Bioneers week 2! Go to Bioneers.org and click on “Conference” to see how it works and where to get your tickets.

Sit in on the Keynote speakers, watch a panel, and sign up for an interactive session.

Yesterday HSU Native American Studies Associate Professor and Department Chair, Cutcha Risling Baldy gave a talk about how the #1 thing you can be doing to support Indigenous sovereignty is supporting efforts to give land back to Tribes.

Who or what will you be inspired by?

Photo by @bkleinschnitz

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