Mindful☼Mondays: Consciousness of Rocks

Monday morning food for thought:
“Consciousness must surely be traced back to the rocks — the rocks which have been here since life began and so make a meeting place for the roots of life in time and space, the earliest and the simplest. Why, indeed, stop with this planet? Even if nothing like the human psyche and intellect have developed elsewhere, it is necessary in an indivisible universe to believe that the principle of consciousness must extend everywhere. Even now I imagine that I can feel all the particles of the universe nourishing my consciousness just as my consciousness informs all the particles of the universe.” -Jacquetta Hawkes (writer, archaeologist, geologist), from “A Land” (1951)

How profound and comforting it is to be reminded of the limits of our perceptions and knowledge, yet still our basic connection to all that is. In moments that feel the most lonely, divided, and difficult, tapping into that unseen web of connections can be deeply supportive. When was the last time you said hello to the rocks?

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Photo by @animate.earth

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