Mindful☼Mondays: Inventory of Trees

Photo by @animate.earth

“Treat your nose to an inventory of the trees in your home. Lift a cup of black tea to your nose. Camellia leaves, redolent of East Asian mountains. Dig your thumb into orange peel. Sharp oils, deterrents for hungry insects. Unscrew the cinnamon jar. Whose hands peeled this bark from the coppiced tree? Crack open a book and smell the blend of ink and fiber, a sensation rooted in wood of hidden provenance. Coffee. Dates and olives. Pencil shavings. Almond milk. Furniture wood, its odor gagged by varnish. Honey, laden with aromatic memories of tree nectar and pollen. Gin. Maple syrup. Inhale, and remember that we live in the forest, even when this truth is hidden from the eye.” – From The Aroma of Trees: Five Practices, by David G. Haskell, published by Emergence Magazine

Today consider taking some time to sit with the common objects of your home or the built world around you to appreciate all that trees provide us. Remember the life force within this great beings and their abundant capacities. Think of the sweet fruit that grows so full and numerous on branches such that new life may grow and that we are fed sweetness. Think of the strong tall boles of Pine that make up our tables, chairs. Smell the distinct scent of Cedar in your pencils. Pause. Send some gratitude to these objects, who are still in some way subjects. What would you say to the trees who support you in your life?

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