Mindful☼Mondays: Mindful Seeing

Good morning and happy Monday. The weather forecast is showing some sunshine in the days ahead, but for those of us who still have to hunker down inside for work and school, today we’re introducing a mindfulness exercise you can do sitting at your desk or kitchen table, so long as there is a window somewhere nearby.

Mindful seeing is exactly what it sounds like; focusing on our sense of sight and seeing what arises. Use the window as a frame for your seeing to help zone in on a specific area. What is held by the frame? Are there bushes, trees, birds flitting in and out of sight? Perhaps you see a street – maybe people are walking their dogs, someone roller skates by. Is it a view of someone else’s house, maybe just a wall? What is the texture of the wall, the color?

Give yourself just a couple of minutes during the day to do this. Take everything in, bit by bit. Not only will it help bring you into the present moment after a day of distractions, it is also good for screen-tired eyes to focus on something far away for at least 20 seconds.

At the end of your meditation, pause to take a sweet, deep breath. Bring this presence back with you into your day.

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Photo by @animate.earth
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