Mindful☼Mondays: Moving Through Discomfort

Sitting in meditation can be extremely uncomfortable. Our bodies begin to ache, our minds wander, we wonder how long we have left, think ahead to what we’re doing afterward. But when we come back to it again and again, we can move through the discomfort we feel toward the clarity of our hearts and minds. We learn more about ourselves and our habits, we can begin to feel more centered and stable.

Consider how similar this process is to awakening to certain privileges you might have as a white, able bodied, straight, thin, neuro-typical, wealthy, educated person? The discomfort. The dis-ease. The long process. When you don’t even know if you’re doing it “right”. But we come back to it again because we know it’s our responsibility and we know that this awakening leads to more equity and safety and peace in this world, for all beings.

Consider how similar this process is to the feeling of climate anxiety. We try to stay centered in our work, our activism, yet every now and then we might be flooded with dread, grief, anxiety, guilt, discomfort, confusion. Returning again and again to ourselves – “I am here, in my body, in this moment” – brings us back to a manageable space of not-knowing. We check our ego, and look out at the landscape, reminded of why we do what we do.

How does meditation and/or mindfulness weave itself into your life? What things have you learned about yourself from this space of presence and reflection?

Our next Thrive: EcoGrief and Anxiety Circle is Sunday, May 23rd from 11am – 12:30pm. Come and continue to build on this heart-felt and strong community.

Photo by @animate.earth

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