Mindful☼Mondays: NYE Ritual

We hope you’ve been enjoying the holiday season and will continue to find rest, connection, and renewal through the New Year. If you did not get to celebrate the turning of the year on the Solstice, consider taking some time on New Year’s Eve to create even the smallest space for a ritual for the year ahead.

Especially during this time of global crisis, when so many of our days are blurred, the future is highly unpredictable, and we’re always playing the waiting game, taking time to participate in a creative ritual can make space for grounding, presence, and intention.

What kind of New Year rituals do you traditionally celebrate? What new ritual(s) can you try this year? Do you celebrate and ritualize with family, with yourself? Are your rituals rooted in your culture?

Maybe you light a candle or incense, perhaps you share goals or intentions for the year ahead with family and/or friends, maybe you make your favorite foods, say a prayer, make a piece of art.

Please feel free to share your rituals in the comments!
Happy New Year from all of us at the NEC.
Photo by @bkleinschnitz

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