Mindful☼Mondays: Resourcing

Where or who do you turn to when the overwhelm of life washes over you? When the news is laden heavily with tragedy, loss, and divisiveness. When you hear new statistics regarding climate change. When you experience your own pain or loss, in whatever form.

Resourcing is a technique used in trauma based therapies – it invites the person to recall vividly a memory that feels safe, regulated, happy, and taps into their inner sense of strength. Though resourcing can provide you with a place to “go” when you’re feeling overwhelmed, it is not meant to encourage escapism. Rather, resourcing builds up your available supportive network that you can tap into as you work with intense emotions and memories.

Though used in clinical settings, you can also use resourcing in your daily life as a way to call in some goodness when you’re feeling troubled or out of control. Think of a place or person or memory that fills you with joy. It can be your favorite sanctuary in the natural world, a family member or friend, etc. Try to really be in the space with this person or place. What do you see/smell/hear/touch/taste? Take some deep breaths during this process. If you can, close your eyes to engage your imaginative brain. Try to stay fully focused on the scene that will become your “resource”.

Know that you can return here at any time.

Photo by @animate.earth

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