Mindful☼Mondays: The Sweet Smell of Spring

Who else got a bunch of lilacs from the farmers’ market this weekend?! What a lovely community offering, the sweet smell of spring, the pervasive but gentle scent, fresh and slightly musky.

Bringing sweet smelling flowers into the home can be a great way to lighten the space – each time you catch the scent it acts as a sensual pick-me-up as we move through these last gray days of winter.

Consider picking up some flowers at the market this coming week, or snag a bundle from a local farm stand. And if you can’t spare the change for this luxury, take a walk around your neighborhood! As flowers bloom this time of year, the scent landscape around us explodes. Daffodils are a potent smell and can announce their arrival from around the block. California lilac, those beautiful bushy blue bundles of flowers you see around town, have their own unique scent.

Let us know what your favorite spring floral smell is in the comments!

And don’t forget – our next Thrive: EcoGrief and Anxiety Circle is Sunday, April 25th from 11am – 12:30pm. Together we will feel into the beauty of spring. Find the link in our bio.

Photo by @animate.earth

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