Mindful☼Mondays: Tree Hugging

What a blessing this sunshine has been the last couple of days! We hope you’ve been able to get out and enjoy the dose of Vitamin D.

This winter has been challenging with the rise of COVID cases, the political and social climate, and the events at the Capitol. Now more than ever, we’re hoping to connect with the people and activities that support and nurture us in our personal and professional lives. That can be hard to do during a pandemic.

So what are we suggesting for our Mindful Monday today? Brace yourself for the cheese…. We want you to go out and hug a tree.

That’s right, we’re all literally a bunch of tree huggers over here at the NEC. Why? Not only because we love and hope to protect our arboreal siblings, but also because we know that hugging a tree can be a helpful substitute for hugging a human when we’re in isolation. You know how the bonding hormone Oxytocin is released when you receive a hug? You can help to recreate that experience by hugging a tree!

Get really present with this hug – how does the bark smell? What textures are you feeling? Can you hear the song of birds in the canopy? If it’s a pine tree, ask permission to snag a couple of needles to chew on for a lime-y taste experience and a boost of Vitamin C for your immune system. The longer the hug, the better.

Happy hugging.

Photo by @animate.earth
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