Mindful☼Mondays: Water Meditation

Click the image below to watch the Water Meditation Video

With everything feeling very hot right now – fires, divisiveness between people, rage over social injustice – today we’re offering a short 1 minute meditation on water.

Cooling, cleansing, life giving, our waters are a precious gift from the Earth. At the NEC, we spend much of our days working toward the protections and cleanliness of our local waters.

As you move through your day today, consider every moment you experience water. Washing your hands, having a drink, touching the misted vegetables at the co-op, putting your feet in the ocean. Every time you remember Water, send some gratitude.

The rains are beginning to trickle in, and in California we are deeply, internally connected to what rain means and what it brings. Perhaps it brings both relief and fear, that fires will be doused but also that landslides will begin. Everything brings balance – and this is something else we can ask for today.

Take a moment to watch the light dancing on the water, like a candlelight meditation, follow the light with your eyes. Allow your breath to move in and out gently, naturally, and notice the quality of it. Are your breaths short, constricted, stressed? Are they long, deep, relaxed? Are they somewhere in between?

Take a moment to reflect after your short meditation. What fires in you need cooling? Or can you use water effectively to control the burn in such a way that the flame is nurturing? Reflect that back to your community, and to the entire West Coast. We are all connected through these elements.

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