Mindful☼Mondays: Work that Reconnects

Happy Monday. Today we’re bringing you some resources from Joanna Macy via and op ed published by Emergence Magazine titled “Entering the Bardo”. Joanna navigates us through the bardo, or gap between worlds, that we find ourselves in during this pandemic. She invites us to imagine a new story about our purpose and fate as a species on this planet.

“The third story is the central adventure of our time: the transition to a life-sustaining society. The magnitude and scope of this transition—which is well underway when we know where to look—is comparable to the agricultural revolution some ten thousand years ago and the industrial revolution a few centuries back. Contemporary social thinkers have various names for it, such as the ecological or sustainability revolution; in the Work That Reconnects we call it the Great Turning.” – Joanna Macy

For more information about the Work that Reconnects, Joanna’s network of resources for folks longing to rediscover their spiritual connection to the Earth and to each other, visit WorkThatReconnects.org and get connected. ✨
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