Mindful Monday: Down to Earth Deck

Are you looking for more ways to have meaningful conversations about climate change, earth-rootedness, and connecting to the natural world? Sometimes it feels like it is hard to know where to start with engaging with others in this way. The Down to Earth Deck from Loam is a collection of 40 thought and conversation-provoking cards related to these topics.

Who is Loam?
“Loam is a movement of compassionate and creative activists who strive to support one another as we find our footing in the heart of the climate crisis.”

What is the Down to Earth Deck?
A new offering from the makers and collaborators at Loam, the Down to Earth Deck was “created to spark discussion about how each of us might connect back to ourselves, our communities, and the earth to nurture healing and take action toward building new worlds.”

Some examples of discussion prompts are:

“What are the things you need and desire that are also things the earth needs and desires?”
“What kind of world do you want for a child who is being born right now?”

Learn more here: https://loamlove.com/shop/the-down-to-earth-deck or find the link in our bio.

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Photo by @animate.earth

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