Mindful Monday: Indigenous Peoples Day

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day

Let’s get right to it – the best thing you can do today to celebrate the folks whose land you’re living on is by taking actions that rematriate the land to them and/or support cultural revitalization (land rights/food sovereignty, youth programs, language programs, ceremony, art, history, music, etc.)

It takes 10 minutes to do a quick Google search to do the work. I’ve broken down the process into 5 simple steps.

  1. First, go to native-land.ca to search your address and download the app Native Land so you can always know what territory you are located in.
  2. Second, using Native Land or doing your own searching, go directly to the tribal government websites. Here you can find donation and/or volunteer opportunities. Can’t find anything? Don’t give up. Go to Google and search “[insert city/town/county] landback projects” or how I found mine: “Portland OR Indigenous organizations”.
  3. Third: Vet them. Are they Indigenous led? Are they cited by other sources? Are they linked on the tribal website? Call them and ask for more information or go visit their office.
  4. Fourth, check in with your heart & your bank account. If you can, commit to a monthly payment (what some folks like to call “rent”). What are you willing to give? Once you’ve figured that number out, get uncomfortable, feel into the discomfort of instability and give even more.
  5. Fifth, don’t just donate – go do something. If they offer events or volunteer opportunities, put yourself out there. Get your hands dirty. Bring gifts. Show up.

Humboldt locals know that they can donate to the Wiyot Tribe Honor Tax at honortax.org – this is a great way to support the tribe directly. You can also give to Two Feathers Native American Youth and Family Services, and many others! Do your own research and give to what calls to you.

Please reach out if you have questions or need guidance! Please share this post! ?Our next Thrive: Eco Grief and Anxiety Circle is Monday, October 17th – Meeting on Zoom from 6-7:30pm PST. Find the link in our bio or directly on our website.?

Photo by @animate.earth