Mindful Monday: Manifesto

M I N D F U L ☼ M O N D A Y S

The NEC has been recently inspired and motivated by professor Sarah Ray’s recent book, The Field Guide to Climate Anxiety. In moments when we feel particularly overwhelmed, whether because of COVID-19 and/or the continued catastrophic climate shifts happening before our eyes, it is good to remember to re-center ourselves in the present moment and ask, “What is it that I can realistically do?”

This week we’re sharing an excerpt from the book that includes a brief exercise:

“I make a practice of asking my students to write their own “manifestos,” or mission statements, some of which are published on a blog called “Critical Hope” that I created for seniors as they prepare to graduate. Everybody should write a manifesto, and repeat as needed as your life advances. I invite you to write one now. Take ten minutes to free-write about why you care about the planet, why you care about suffering, and what you personally are uniquely positioned by skill or passion to do in the world. Your declaration of intention and desire will be a beacon to return to when you feel lost or overwhelmed. The simple act of writing your eco-mission statement can move you in the direction of manifesting it.” – Sarah Ray, “A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety”

Check out the blog at http://enst490.blogspot.com/ for more manifestos from HSU Environmental Studies students.

Photo by:
Brittany Kleinschnitz, Office and Event Support Staff

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