Mindful Monday: Mission Wolf Sanctuary

Happy Monday. This week I’m posting our Mindful Monday from Mission: Wolf Sanctuary in Westcliffe, Colorado, where wolves and wolf-dogs who were owned/raised by humans or used for films get to live out their lives in as natural a way as possible. Most of these animals were very unhappy living in domestic situations, as dogs and wolf-dogs are not meant to live the lifestyle of a domestic dog.

Volunteers from all over the world come to Mission: Wolf to lend a hand in caring for these animals and maintaining the refuge. Their selflessness and desire to support the wolves runs deep and has allowed the sanctuary to thrive since the 80’s.

Giving selflessly to organizations and causes we care about is a special way of giving back, and it also helps us to have more compassion, humility, and feelings of competence. These feelings are vital in being a sustainable environmental activist.

When was the last time you volunteered for an organization you care about? We encourage you to find something that matters to you, reach out, and give back.

Thrive: Eco Grief and Anxiety Circle is tonight! April 18th (now 3rd Mondays!) from 6-7:30pm (now 1.5 hours!) PST. Find the link in our bio. ? Questions? Contact Brittany at brittanynecmail@gmail.com
Photo by @animate.earth

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