Mindful Monday: She Told Me the Earth Loves US

Last week at our Thrive: Eco Grief and Anxiety Circle we shared a poem by Anne Haven McDonnell – this poem is included in the compilation All We Can Save, a text that we’ve been focusing on lately.

We want to share this poem with you today in hopes that it’s message leaves you with a feeling of peace and connectedness:

“She Told Me the Earth Loves Us”
by Anne Haven McDonnell

She said it softly, without a need
for conviction or romance.
After everything? I asked, ashamed.

That’s not the kind of love she meant.
She walked through a field of gray
beetle-pored pine, snags branching

like polished bone. I forget sometimes
how trees look at me with the generosity
of water. I forget all the other

breath I’m breathing in.
Today I learned that trees can’t sleep
with our lights on. That they knit

a forest in their language, their feelings.
This is not a metaphor.
Like seeing a face across a crowd,

we are learning all the old things,
newly shined and numbered.
I’m always looking

for a place to lie down
and cry. Green, mossed, shaded.
Or rock-quiet, empty. Somewhere

to hush and start over.
I put on my antlers in the sun.
I walk through the dark gates of the trees.

Grief waters my footsteps, leaving
a trail that glistens.


Photo by @animate.earth

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