Mindful Monday: Somatic Therapy

Photo by @animate.earth

“Somatic therapy is the application of somatic (body-mind) techniques for repair, integration, and healing at the biomechanics, physiological, neurological, and mortar coordination levels.” – Livia Shapiro, the Somatic Therapy Workbook

Somatic therapy brings to the forefront the fact that our bodies and minds are inextricably connected, and that emotional regulation and physical wellness are intertwined.

When dealing with grief and/or anxiety, whether ecological or personal, it is vital that we give as much attention to our bodies as we do our minds.

Before you dive into using your body to grieve, start small with an exercise from the Somatic Therapy Workbook:

“Use your body to tell the story of your morning. Imagine you are telling your friend about your morning. What happened, and how did it go? Was it frantic or slow? How did it leave you feeling? Show this person you are “speaking” to your morning just through movement, no words.”

Try not to judge your experience as you move. You are exactly where you should be, moving as you need to, there is no right or wrong – just presence.

Move with us at Thrive: Eco Grief and Anxiety Circle, today February 28th from 6-7pm PST. Find the link in our bio. ? Questions? Contact Brittany at brittanynecmail@gmail.com

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